Mini Update

So far I haven’t done much with my book, these last couple days have been hectic and busy.  I’m finding excuses to do other things.  Thought I shook that.  Dammit!  What happened to my passion?  My drive?

Ok, getting off my ass, and actually writing.


4 thoughts on “Mini Update

  1. All you need to do is take that one step .. sit down in front of your journal/book. .. and the rest of the steps will come…. the very next time you think about it and dismiss doing it… ‘DON’T’….. Diane

    • Thanks. I found that if I just pick up the ms without thinking, I can get a bit done. I am on Chapter 6 now, and it’s not bad, though the entire first two chapters have to be reworked, but I’m going to leave that for last.

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