Excuse This Blatant Ad

I beg your tolerance in another bold face push of my jewelry site.

I’ve just added some new pieces.  Hope you like them.

DSC09719 - Copy

Jasper stone wrapped in copper








Silver wrapped in gold wire









Black, gold and copper wire ring









Small garnet wrapped in silver








Silver coils wrapped in gold

Silver coils wrapped in gold









Silver and gold wrapped ceramic bead








Copper and smokey diamond glass bead

Copper and smokey diamond glass bead


I hope you like these as much as I like creating them.   To see additional photos of these and more items for sale, check out my website at: http://wwwartfire.com/ext/shop/studio/LSJayHandmade

OK.  That’s the end of my commercial, you can go back to whatever it was you were doing when I interrupted.


10 thoughts on “Excuse This Blatant Ad

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