Of Course!

Of course the interview I have scheduled for noon today is with a quack doctor.  I can’t believe it.  The only job offers I get are from criminals and quacks.  What the hell did I do in my last life?  Hell


8 thoughts on “Of Course!

    • All I had to do was look at the doctor’s website. All she’s doing is selling health supplements…which she gives you intravenously! Then I found a site with some reviews. Three were obvious fakes, and the two real ones were very specific and believable.

      I don’t think it’s hard to spot a quack once you look.

      • It’s good that you looked …I hope before you went.. Once burned twice shy…(the first mysterious offer you got)

        Not going to give you a pep talk because it’s not the right time…You’ve got to be so angry and frustrated…talk soon..Diane

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